Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, affordable and easy to use service that employs the latest technology to provide widely distributed critical information designed to compress the time between loss and hopeful recovery of a missing loved one. We will continue to enhance our services in the coming years to successfully help bring missing loved ones home.

Our Company

We are one of the few companies where our services could be used by every family, every employer and every company. We merged all of our companies into one to offer more flexibility to our customers and partners. With millions of customers reaching numerous markets, we are proven in our efforts to serve those who trust us in a critical situation. Whether you want to protect yourself or another family member like your child, college student, grandparent, pet, employees or customer base, we will do everything possible to continue to keep our service affordable and easy to use. 

Every year millions of people around the world go missing without warning, including over a million in the U.S. alone. This is serious stuff. It doesn’t matter where you are, close to home or traveling abroad, this can happen anytime. We have successfully been recovering children since 2005 with a 100% recovery rate with those registered before they went missing. Call Alert Center creates and distributes a missing person or pet information immediately to the right resources in mass numbers utilizing our patented mobile technology. With 90% of missing people and pets found with eyes and ears, our method is really efficient. 

98% of mobile phones are capable of opening a text link, thus sending a
mini-poster via a text link is extremely effective.

We have the capability of sending a mini-poster via text link to mobile phones with the ability to convert it into another language instantly. With most people having their mobile phones with them at all times, this is a a valuable important feature for those traveling abroad where help will be limited. Whether it is business or leisure, our service travels with you.

For those outside the United States, a missing person poster
can be translated to 42 languages.

Over time, we evolved with additional companies offering the same service but to different markets. We learned that safety is the number one concern for parents whose child is going off to college, thus we formed College Alert Center. This was so important for the college parents as we discovered if their child goes missing, the burden will fall on the parents and local law enforcement to find them, not the college. 

While attending many SHRM conferences, we were asked about our service for pet owners as that was a growing trend with employee benefits, primarily with pet insurance. Companies realized the value of our pet service at a fraction of the cost of pet insurance, we started Critter Alert Center. As we enhanced our services, we found a marketplace that was untouched; adults and those traveling abroad. There are many companies that offer travel assistance and insurance,  yet no one addresses the possibility of someone going missing, thus the creation of Corporate Alert. 

We added Caregiver Alert Center services in 2016 for seniors that go missing, particularly with Alzheimer’s. Until we came along, the most common solution seemed to be wearing an ID bracelet or necklace, which could come off easily. These are identification tools, not a recovery ones and you are depending really one luck more than something effective. There are GPS options available which may be effective but all seem to come at a pretty steep price and most have distance limitations. 

As a forward thinking company, it came time to merge all the services together under one company, Call Alert Center. Our promise to you is that we will continue to enhance the technologies available and will be improving a better way to speed up the recovery of a missing loved one. For less than a nickel a day, why would anyone want to take the risk of not being prepared for what might be their worst nightmare. We believe that is a question everyone should ask themselves.


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