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Imagine your mother who has Alzheimer’s is going to the mailbox and keeps on walking. It is a situation that happens all too often and many times with someone who has never wandered before. An estimated 46% with Alzheimer’s have not actually been diagnosed yet, thus making this more of a reality. Be prepared if you have any doubts as wandering can happen at any time and bringing them back quickly is so important.

90% with alzheimer's that
wander off cannot find
their way back home
on their own

Did You Know...

  • 60% of those with Alzheimer's disease will wander off
  • 50% will suffer a serious injury or death if not found in 24 hours
  • Caregiver Alert service stays active until missing person is found
  • Most Silver Alerts have a 6 hour time limit
  • Most Silver Alerts require missing person to be at least 60 years old, we do not
  • Most Silver Alerts require you prove the missing person has a cognitive disorder, we do not

Whether you are a relative, caregiver, senior care center, assisted living facility, it is your obligation to look out for those who can’t for themselves. Call Alert Center is here to help relieve the stress of worrying about your loved one wandering before and after it happens. This is an affordable and effective way of bringing your loved one home quickly.

If your loved one drives, our service allows you to add a photo of their auto as part of the registration, thus the full poster can have both a close-up of them and their auto. We believe this is an important feature as 15% are found driving in another state. Having an image of the auto as part of the poster will certainly increase the chances of finding them quicker and will be easier than trying to remember a license plate number from a road sign. This is another great feature since most GPS products have limited range and may will not work in an automobile period.  We are the only ones that can do this, so keep that in mind if you worry about them.

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“I am so impressed with the effectiveness of Caregiver’s service.”

Our home care center had an Alzheimer’s patient walk off and disappear in a matter of minutes. We thought we could find her on our own but when we realized we had no idea where to look, we called Call Alert Center and in less than10 minutes, someone called me to tell us she had been found. Thank you for what you do!

- Kathryn J., Home Care Administrator
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